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NEW PRODUCTS- NaturalSnacks LLC. Baked Single-Serve Snacks Hit the Shelves! Making “Better-For-You” Convenient! Addison, IL—Michael Season’s Baked Single-Serve Snacks have made their way to retail! The Single-Serve is a great success as a second placement for our key accounts. Placing the snacks at an impulse location has increased their traffic. Natural Vending companies are also Baked Cheddar Cheese Curls (0.75oz. SRP $0.99) Baked Potato Crisps Sweet BBQ (0.83oz. SRP $0.99) Baked Multigrain Chip Original (0.90oz. SRP $0.99) they are also all in a 100 calorie serving!!! These super crunchy wheat free, gluten free baked snacks are perfect for lunches. Made with simple and pure ingredients like real cheese, sunflower oil and salt, they are a guilt free snack treat. Contact your Natural Snacks, LLC Sales Manager for additional information Phone: 630-628-0211

Sunny Delight Beverages is launching some products with fewer calories and smaller package sizes to meet the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's school beverage guidelines.
The company's Veryfine 100% juice now meets the guidelines for elementary, middle and high schools by offering 120 calories or less per 8-fl.oz. serving in multiple flavors. The 8-, 10- and 11.5-fl.oz. sizes contain 100% vitamin C, plus 10% of the recommended daily intake of zinc and manganese. Veryfine 100% juices come in classic flavors like apple, orange and grape, and such "kid-preferred" tastes as cherry, fruit punch, apple strawberry and kiwi.
SunnyD, with 40% less sugar than most regular soda brands, has also been formulated to meet the guidelines. It has only 60 calories per 8-fl.oz. serving in 6.75-, 10- and 11.3-fl.oz. sizes. The drinks contain 100% RDI of vitamin C plus 10% RDI of vitamin B1.       Visit website at:

New Azkoyen T3 Hopper Sold by Coin Mechanisms Inc.
Coin Mechanisms Inc. announces the release of the new Modular T3 Hopper made by payment technologies giant Azkoyen of Peralta, Spain.  Among the many benefits of this sleek, new coin dispensing hopper are its ergonomic design for easy handling, transport and installation into the host machine.  The T3 hopper has a large area for filling of coins, making it easy to work with.  It also features Serial Communication with both Full and Empty sensors provided as standard.  The new design of this hopper offers greater coin capacity, up to 35% more than similar hoppers, resulting in greater machine uptime and fewer service calls.
This hopper is ideal for the Amusement, Transport/Parking, Kiosk and Change Machine markets.
As with all Azkoyen products, the new T3 hopper complies with CE, RoHS and BACTA standards.For more information on this and all of Coin Mechanisms’ latest products, visit our website , or call us toll free 800-323-6498.

Bertie County PeanutsClick here for Bertie County Peanuts Website!
Roanoke River Trail Mix
How about a mix of 11 dried fruits, 8 raw nuts, and roasted peanuts?  Sounds good doesn't it?  And, it's packed with 3 complex carbohydrates per serving so you'll have all the energy you need for those fun summer days and nights.
Cashie River Trail Mix

This tasty treat includes Blister Fried Peanuts, Yogurt Covered Raisins, Dark Chocolate M & M's, and Dried Cranberries.

Chowan River Trail Mix

This mix contains Blister Fried Peanuts, Dried Pineapple, Dried Cranberries, Tart Cherries, and Dried Blueberries.
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